The Amp Maniac (Click picture for description)

The Amp Maniac was built in response to requests for a completely variable version of the Amp Preserver. That's right. You can dial in any output voltage you desire with the knob on the top of the unit. The Amp Maniac is the same size and weight as the Amp Preserver, so its easy to handle and take to a gig. Unlike other variable transformers on the market, the Amp Maniac will not allow you to exceed the line voltage and blow up your amplifier. It is also not recommended that you run your amp at less than 90 volts for obvious reasons. The Amp Maniac is fused at 2.5 amps of current so it should only be used with ONE amplifier at a time.  Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

The Amp Maniac (Click picture for description)
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