7C5 to 6V6 Tube Adapter (Click picture for description)

How many auctions have you seen on ebay for a 7C5 loctal audio output tube? They always say "The equivalent of a 6V6", right? Yes, they are electronically the same according to my RCA tube manual. But a 6V6 is an octal base tube, and a 7C5 is a loctal base tube. Not to mention that they have completely different pinouts. 7C5's are inexpensive, while NOS 6V6's are getting more expensive every day. The answer: Get my 7C5 to 6V6 adapter, and you are good to go with great sounding 7C5's at bargain basement prices. Get one for your Fender Vibro Champ, get a pair for your Fender Deluxe Reverb. Achieve the same sweet 6V6 tone, only with a much more affordable tube. (Note: 7C5 tube not included)

7C5 to 6V6 Tube Adapter (Click picture for description)
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